Grid optimization has become a key element for building and managing a reliable, smart and future proof power supply. To help this process, Kamstrup has developed a Smart Grid platform that reveals new horizons in grid efficiency. We call it OMNIA*.

The OMNIA Suite is an all-comprising Smart Grid platform offering a full line of smart technology, support and knowledge. It includes smart meters, network communication, Meter Data Management and Smart Grid features tailored to the business of utilities today. As a true multi-utility platform it integrates all supply types – power, water, gas, heating and cooling – and all modern communication technologies. It is an open standard, high performance solution, complying with international market requirements and regulatory mandates and supporting new energy supply sources.

The OMNIA Suite includes 4 main elements:

*OMNIA is the plural form of the Latin adjective omnis and has the meaning ”everything” or ”all”.

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